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Getting TikTok videos for your brand has never been easier

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Pay $59 per TikTok!

Add your products

1. Upload your products

  • Choose Physical or Digital
  • Add name and description
  • Upload the image
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2. Create a task

How many tasks can I create

As many as you need. Pay as you go

Can I choose a Creator

Blipa has dozens of creators. You will get offers and will be able to choose between them.

Give me my TikToks!
Create a Task for the TikTok creator
“That's so Cool!”
Dashboard with all your TikToks, Creators, Shipped products and financial stats

3. Get your awesome TikToks

  • Created for your brand
  • With your products
  • Predictable schedule
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Simple pricing plan

Flat pricing

No monthly costs, no hidden fees. Pay for every TikTok you need
What’s included >
  • 100+ Creators
  • Easy product uploading
  • Validation process
  • Protected payments
Fixed Price per TikTok


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What our customers say

We don't need to pay $100+ for TikTok anymore. 1-2-3 and we have our TikToks
- Lorena U.
We sell unique T-shirts and usually need 10+ TikToks per month. Finally an easy and affordable service to get them.
- Nola W.
Simple flow, easy to use, great support. We love Blipa!
- Luna U.
No more agencies. Marketplace allows us to work directly with Creators and get TikToks that we need!
- Lorena U.
If every SaaS product was that easy. Love the flat and predictable pricing with no hidden fees.
- Nola W.

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"Blipa solved our TikTok organic content issues once and forever"
Gianna Johnson
Director @FunnyShirts

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